NO SPARK   My wife used to offer me adventurous sex before marriage but now it’s boring

DEAR DEIDRE: SINCE I got married my sex life with my wife has become really boring, just the same old routine time after time.

We met two years ago and I really fell for her.

She is a beautiful girl and back then our sex life was amazing. She was really adventurous. It’s only really slowed down since we got married.

I found some old messages on her phone in which she was talking to exes about what she would like to do to them and what she would like them to do to her.

It turned me on so I recently asked her if we could try some different things and be more kinky. She said she’s past all that silly stuff now.

It’s making me feel tempted to cheat.

I’m only 27 and she’s 25. How do I save my marriage?

DEIDRE SAYS: You need to reframe this and ask your wife what would make sex more pleasurable and satisfying for her.

Maybe she used to feel more adventurous as a single sexy girl.

Or perhaps she was acting thrilled because she was trying to please her partner but the sort of sex on offer wasn’t, isn’t, what really excited and satisfies a woman as opposed to fulfilling a male fantasy.

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