RUNNING RIOT   Moment dozens of covidiots pretend to exercise when cops crash lockdown party

THIS is the moment dozens of covidiots pretend to exercise when police crashed a lockdown party.

The young revellers laugh as they jog on the spot, do press-ups or limber up when the cops arrive at the outdoor gathering.

Members of the group appear to be flouting social distancing rules to stay more than two metres apart from others.

But the large crowd of youngsters carries on regardless when the officers arrive to break up the party.

A video of the mock keep-fit session, believed to have taken place in South London, was posted on Twitter with the comment: "So a block party was happening in South, the feds turn up and this is everyone’s reaction."

It comes days after another group of pals was filmed pretending to exercise after they were caught breaking lockdown rules by cops.

The latest video sparked anger from some on Twitter, with one person tweeting: "Nah this is embarrassing, it isn’t even funny.

Another said: "If anyone in that video that catches this virus. my sympathy is capped at 40% I can’t lie."

A third wrote: "South Londoners love motives tooooo much."

And one person posted: "Was funny when the group of boys did it the other day, but this isn't it."

Many across the country appear to be tiring of lockdown, with day-trippers packing out beaches this week as the UK enjoyed its hottest temperatures of the year so far.

A fifth of Brits have spent weeks meeting pals before lockdown rules were eased, with Matt Hancock warning the UK could return "to square one".

Police chiefs said that people were becoming blasé about coronavirus social distancing as the health secretary pleaded with the public to be sensible this weekend.

And tempers have flared in hotspots around the country as people took advantage of the sunny weather and packed onto beaches and beauty spots.

While some of the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted or eased the social distancing regulations are still in force.

A father who tried to go for a walk in Stoney Bank Quarry, Lancashire, was annoyed with the amount of litter people had left behind after young revellers held an illegal party.

James Bunting, 41, from Bolton, said he “couldn't care less [about] millennial attitude” of the 100 or so young people who went to the rave and inhaled “hippy crack” (nixtrous oxide).

And footage taken last week shows a cop crack a smile as a crowd started doing star jumps and jumping jacks as he approached.

One of the group gathered outside a shop, believed to be in Birmingham, shouts "high knees" and "lunges" like a fitness instructor.

He tells the cop "we're exercising, sir" in the viral video posted on Twitter with the caption: "getting the 30 minutes of exercise with the community.

One boozer left ITV viewers baffled as he called for tougher lockdown rules while swigging beer on a packed seafront.

Despite visiting Brighton Beach on a day out with relatives he claimed he wanted to see "none of us be allowed out" to avoid "a massive rise in the deaths."

And a mum who drove an hour and a half to the seaside left BBC viewers bewildered - when she complained about others doing the same.

Jane Peacock said her day out at Lulworth Cove in Dorset was so busy it was "like being in Tesco", adding that many were not social distancing.