GETTING CURATIVE   Heartfelt murals painted across UK to praise heroic work of NHS heroes

HEARTFELT murals have been painted across the UK praising the heroic work of the NHS tackling the Coronavirus.

Brockley street artist Lionel Stanhope painted a Superman mural on Cornwall Road next to London’s Waterloo East station after being allowed the space by Network Rail - who were impressed by his previous artwork.

A mural of a NHS worker holding the world in her hands has been created on the side of a stationary bus in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

Meanwhile, dad-of-two, Craig Perkins, turned his garage door into a stunning tribute to medics who are applauded by comic book heroes Spiderman, Batman, and many others in Solihull, Birmingham.

Perkins, 40, said he has often seen paramedics posing and taking photos by the art piece.