IS IT TRUE?   I am worried that using my laptop too much now I work at home will lead to infertility

DEAR DEIDRE: I READ that using wifi on a laptop can cause infertility in men. Is that really true?

I am a 26-year-old guy while my girlfriend is 24. We have been together for two years and we have a great relationship.

Working at home at the moment, I am using my laptop for hours every day using wifi.

My girlfriend and I would like to get married and have a family one day but I worry I might not be able to have kids now.

That could wreck my relationship. Should I be worried?

If it is an issue, can I take a test to find out whether this is affecting my sperm?

DEIDRE SAYS:  There are some small studies suggesting there might be an issue but don’t panic.

Don’t sit with the laptop on your lap – that is bad for your back and posture either way.

Sit on an upright chair with the laptop on a table or a desk, so it is not resting directly on top of you.

I doubt you need worry about fertility tests but if this is feeling like a real issue for you or your girlfriend, get checked out with Fertility Network UK (, 0121 323 5025).